Sunescape Instant Self-Tan Mousse



No time to have a spray tan? Transform your skin in an instant with this super-lightweight, non-sticky, easy-to-apply velvety mousse. With Sunescape’s Hydrating Self-Tan Mousse you can achieve a radiant bronzed tan in minutes. The instant natural colour will also help to smooth irregular skin-tone, hide cellulite and disguise stretch marks, making it every girl or guy’s best friend. Scented with delicious coconut to inspire thoughts of the perfect tropical escape, after using this formula we are pretty sure people will be asking, “Where’ve you been?”


Instant streak-free natural colour

The healthy way to achieve a tan

Develops into a deep natural tan within 3-4 hours

Wears and fades evenly without any patchiness

Fast-drying meaning you can dress and go out straight away. No need to worry about it rubbing off on clothing

How It Works:
Enriched with conditioning macadamia nut, coconut, and avocado oils to keep skin hydrated and nourished, while added antioxidants from green tea, kakadu plum, grape seed extract and vitamin E will help to nourish and protect skin from premature ageing.

Key Ingredients:

DHA – Interacts with amino acids in the skin cells to produce a tanned effect

Coconut Oil – Softens, revitalises and rejuvenates dry/damaged skin

Aloe Vera – Reduces skin redness and irritation with its soothing and calming effect

Green Tea – Balances the skin’s natural moisture content

Avocado Oil – Moisturises, nourishes and promotes skin repair

Kiwi Seed Oil – Nourishes, retains moisture and restores elasticity

How To Use:
1. For quick and easy streak-free application, massage into skin using Sunescape’s Tanning Mitt.

2. To prolong the life of your tan be sure to moisturise daily using Sunescape’s Hydrating Body Butter and/or Sunescape’s Gradual Tan Extender every second or third day.

3. Leave to dry for 5 minutes before dressing.

Suitable Skin Types: All skin types


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